This work involved the remodeling of a 100 sq m apartment in a block of flats built in the 1950s in Athens. We turned the fragmentary original floor plan of the living areas (kitchen, living room, dining room) into an open plan to let natural light in. At the same time, the more private spaces (bathroom, laundry closet, bedrooms) were arranged in the southern part of the apartment.   The dining room was raised and storage spaces were created underneath it. At the edge of the dining room we installed a flexible border system which can unify the dining room with the living room but also separate them: we designed three metal bookcases which can move horizontally and at the same time rotate  360° around their axis. As a result, different variations of the same living space are created, depending on the use.

The construction of the bookcases was a great challenge due to their heavy weight. When empty, each of them weighs more than 150 kg. Τhey were levelled to the last detail so that they can always balance when they move or rotate,  with the user having to exert the least amount of force. The materials we chose are forged cement, wood and metal. In the living room we preserved the oak-wood floor while in the kitchen and the corridor we applied forged cement. At the junction between the two materials we created a pattern, giving special attention to the details of its installation on the floor.

Architectural Design: Arch-Interact
Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Photography: Fakaros George