We redesigned and supervised the reconstruction of this one-bedroom apartment in the area of Kipseli. Our design, within a restricted budget, addressed issues of unification and maximum utilization of spaces.

In the new design, the kitchen area is connected to the entrance, the dining area and the living room, while staying in its previous position. The key design element is the central curved wall. This volume stands as an optical barrier towards the bathroom and bedroom and also encloses a storage closet.

On the walls we hung black and white photos taken by the professional photographer who is staying in the apartment. We also hung the skateboard artwork featuring prints by Jean-Michel Basquiat, as the resident is also a skater. Moreover, we styled his photographic camera collection on the blue minimal metal shelves.

The central volume is painted in the earthy tone of potter’s clay natural color. The same color continues in both sides of the wall· towards the living room as well as the bedroom. In this way, the two sides of the same wall can be perceived as a single entity.

Architectural Design: Arch-Interact
Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Photography: Voumvakis Panagiotis