A few meters away from Kifissia’s center, an 85 sq m apartment was remodeled into a residence for a pensioner couple. Our architectural proposal reflected the aesthetic of the new owners combining classical elements with a modern approach. The previous floor plan was deemed as non-functional, therefore its reconfiguration was necessary. According to the architectural study, all the interior walls and the old floor were removed. More specifically, the apartment’s two vital living areas,  the kitchen and the bathroom, were moved to a more central place. Transition zones such as the hall and the corridor were merged with the living areas expanding them. A walk-in closet was added to the bedroom, upgrading the quality of living for the residents. A sandblasted glass partition placed between the bedroom and the office space allows the light coming from the south-east to enter the living-room.

The shadow of the curtain showing behind the glass surface lends a discreet theatricality to the ensemble. Materials were chosen with special attention and emphasis to detail. Wood, marble,  brass details, the elegant shade of green unfolding over the surfaces, give the apartment its distinct identity. The floor laid in a herringbone pattern as well as the  addition of gypsum boards in straight lines serve as a reference to the past. The bookcase demarcates the entrance to the apartment, and its design, with the alternation of open and closed surfaces, allows the visitor to enjoy different views of the main space.

Architectural Design: Arch-Interact
Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Photography: Kasimis Panagiotis