We remodeled the kitchen and the two bathrooms of an apartment in a block of flats built during the 60s, in the area of Kesariani. In order to achieve a result much different from the existing condition of the apartment, we implemented in our design minimal aesthetics and colourful materials.

Regarding the kitchen, we chose a warm colour for the walls, the ceiling and the woodwork, as opposed to the kitchen countertop, the table and the wall next to it, which were painted in white. We added an extra thin wooden frame in the kitchen wall cabinets, enriching the volumes and shading. We created a handleless kitchen design using a ‘J’ shaped curve built into the kitchen cabinets. Specifically, for the wall cabinets, we created a rhythm with different height in the respective ‘J’ shaped curves. Moreover, two shelves were designed at the opposite wall, with a shadow-gap detail to make the structure look lighter.

We approached the areas of the bathroom and WC in a different manner. In the bathroom, we chose to underline the element of light as well as the shades of grey and white, towards a neutral effect. In the WC we used two types of tiles: one type in earthy tones, in accordance to the kitchen colours, and one type in colourful mosaic, as a reminder of the old apartment aesthetics.

Light has been an important element in our design as well. We implemented in various areas lighting fixtures in order to achieve a totally different ambience: a linear fixture in the kitchen ceiling, indirect lighting under the cabinets and shelves, linear LED strips in the bathroom and WC ceiling.

Architectural Design: Arch-Interact
Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Photography: Voumvakis Panagiotis