Glyfada Apartments


In this strictly residential area in Ano Glyfada, we designed and now manage the construction of a four-storey block of flats. On the Ground Level, an extended pilotis gives the impression of a suspended building. This is reinforced by multiple green areas, by the element of water found in a pool near the entrance from the street, as well as the crystal volume that encloses the entrance to the building.

On the two lower levels, two apartments per floor are designed, looking towards the East and the West respectively, with dedicated parking spaces and storage rooms at the basement. Even on the first floor, due the inclined surface of the ground, the apartments overlook either Mount Hymettus or the sea. On the two top levels, one apartment occupies each floor having an unobstructed view of the mountain as well as the islands of Salamis and Aegina.

The interior of the apartments is characterized by modern minimal aesthetics and elegance. The living areas (living room – dining room) is unified with the kitchen, while the large balcony doors lead from the living room towards the extended balcony, bringing the outdoor view in. This is also enhanced by the corner window situated in this area.

The volume of the building is a synthesis of contrasting areas of black and white. Moreover, a white ribbon travels throughout the whole façade thus unifying elements from all floors. The above mentioned corner windows occasionally interrupt the edges of the volume, participating in the black and white contrast. At the north side of the building, thin vertical black metallic elements introduce the image of a gigantic harp.

Architectural Design & Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Status: Under Construction