Kanellakis S.A. commissioned us to design the company headquarters (314 sqm) in a three-story-building, situated in the side street of Kifisos Avenue, above the ground floor showroom. On the first floor we introduced a conference centre/ training room, a meeting room, booth seating, seating area and kitchen for corporate events, as well as bathroom for visitors. On the second floor the accounting department, the supplies department and the kitchen and bathroom for the company staff can be found.

The most public zone of the company offices is situated on the first floor, so we designed open plan spaces and continuous areas also using glass partitions. We created an open kitchen towards the seating area. Nonetheless, we also designed more private areas: the meeting room with the large oval table, as well as booth seating. The second floor hosts less public, key company departments, so we designed two large office spaces and an open kitchen for staff to take their break and socialize.

We aimed to include in our design the company’s corporate identity colours: blue and orange. On the first floor we used the blue color on the suspended ceiling, in the booths and inside the kitchen cabinets. We combined the blue colour with oak finishes on the floor and in the booths. We chose black finish at the kitchen island and on various metal frames. On the second floor we used orange colour for the furniture and for the interior of the kitchen cabinets. On both floors the bathroom design follows a fresh aesthetic. We introduced bright contrasting hues: coral for the vestibule and mint for the WC. In the stairwell, we also combined the two colours of the company logo: deep blue for the walls and bright orange for the metal protective mesh.

Architectural Design: Arch-Interact
Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Photography: Arch-Interact