We were assigned to remodel a 230 square-meter shop with plumbing fixtures and installations located οn the ground floor of a building next to Kifisos Avenue at Egaleo. We approached the design of this space as a high standard retail store using a refined industrial aesthetic. Areas to be found in the shop are the service counter, storage shelves, display stands, mechanical engineers’ offices and the cashier desk.

For this project we chose a grey color palette, as well as materials with mat and rough surface finish. We installed black track lighting and grey electromechanical ducts on the ceiling, in order to enhance the industrial aesthetic.

The service counter and the cashier desk are the main focal points in the shop. Both structures are custom-made using steel, marble and concrete. The service counter, designed as a big curve, was vertically cladded in metal sheets while grey marble slabs were placed on the horizontal surface.

Similar grey marble was also placed on the horizontal surface of the cashier desk, whereas for the vertical surface, we designed a unique cladding. We drew inspiration from the plastic tubes sold in the shop and used them as a mould for a reinforced concrete structure mixed with gravel and copper filings. This custom-made cladding was also placed at the wall behind the cashier desk. Above it, we designed an overhanging synthesis of lighting fixtures in copper colour shades, LED strips and copper pipes that are also sold in the shop.

The shop front façade towards Kifisos Avenue was designed as a frame incorporating indirect lighting and angled panels.

Architectural Design: Arch-Interact
Project Supervision: Arch-Interact
Photography: Arch-Interact