Our home office

Our office space at home could very well be either an entire room or just a surface. Today when so many people work remotely, it is equally important to be productive as well as work and live in a functional space. This is why we make sure that we design comfortable, practical and pleasant office spaces at home, by choosing suitable materials, furniture and lighting. At the same time, it is often necessary to create additional storage spaces. In our design we incorporate built-in cabinets, custom-made bookcases and shelving units, specifically adapted for the residents’ needs.

These are a few examples of our projects:

Wall Mounted Desk

In the apartment remodeling “Nostalgia”, the office desk is enclosed by two walls and a sandblasted glass partition which allows the southeastern light to enter from the bedroom to the living room. The shadow of a drape is noticed through the glass surface, offering a discreet theatricality.

From the “Nostalgia Remodeled” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

Office / Quest Room

In the apartment remodeling “Into the Light”, the office space can also be used as the guest room.

From the “Into the light” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

We decided to demolish a large part of the wall and to construct a tinted glazing in its place. This way, there is a visual contact between office space and living room, while at the same time roller blinds can visually isolate the office space, when needed.

From the “Into the light” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

Craft Desk

Office space does not always mean working. It can be an area for crafting and creativity. In this same project “Into the Light”, by opening the folding doors at the living room – dining room area, a creativity desk is revealed. Here you can find your project exactly as you left it and simply continue working with it.

Από το έργο “Into the light” (ARCH-INTERACT)

Office with Moving Libraries

In the apartment remodeling “Merging Spaces“, bookshelves at the office area can be electrically moved towards the living room. This gives the opportunity to form two separate rooms, when needed.

From the “Merging Spaces” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

Working at the kitchen island

In the apartment remodeling “Shifting Shells”, the kitchen island could very well function as a working desk, right in the heart of the living areas.

From the “Shifting Shells” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

Αn alternative reading and study corner

This interior hammock designed while converting a warehouse into two apartments in the “Cocoon Lofts” project, can easily offer an alternative reading and study corner.

From the “Cocoon Lofts” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

Curtain threshold

In the apartment remodeling “Retouch”, an opaque heavy drape visually separates the office area from the living room when needed. It is a highly theatrical element, very easily moved.

From the “Retouch” project (ARCH-INTERACT)

Built-In Desks Synthesis

In the small apartment “Cocoon Studio” remodeling included a construction which incorporated a bed, a writing desk and a bookcase. The writing desk can be hidden inside this construction, thus leaving more space in front of the sofa.

From the “Cocoon Studio” project (ARCH-INTERACT)




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